One on one movement for regulation sessions with Holly Diggle

Dance Northside’s owner, founder, and director Holly Diggle is passionate about inclusivity, both personally and professionally.As a dance studio, we do everything we can to make our dance classes as inclusive as possible. Many of the ways we demonstrate our studio values of Kindness, Respect and Community also support inclusive practice at the studio.

However, Holly recognises that the mainstream dance setting – with its loud music, larger groups, bright lights, and mirrors – doesn’t work for everyone.

To fill this gap, Holly has started offering Neuro-Stars, one-on-one movement for regulation sessions. The content of these sessions is completely curated to the needs and interests of the individual. Goals can be in line with an NDIS plan.

Holly gathers information about the student through an intake form and then creates a flexible environment that best suits their needs.

Working with Holly  has had an unparalleled positive impact on my child’s wellbeing and sense of belonging. Dance Northside is one of my child’s ‘safe spaces’. The relationship between my child and Holly has provided the guidance and mentorship that, as a parent, has been much appreciated. Children need other role model’s besides their parents and Holly has provided this for my daughter. Holly has a particular way of empathizing with young people, whilst still being the adult in the room Not always an easy balance. Thank you.

4 years ago my daughter was suffering with a lot of anxiety and attending  dance  was a big step for her. In that very first class Holly created a space for her to feel safe, supported and welcomed. 4 years later she is a very active member of the broader Dance Northside community!

Holly has supported my daughter by encouraging her to try new things outside her comfort zone in a safe and supported space without pressure. She has helped her  find her strengths and passions and helped her to find opportunities to pursue them.

Holly, you have always provided a positive, safe, fun, inclusive environment for all. This is my daughter’s happy place and I am so glad that she has you. You have helped her to find her strengths and develop at her own pace without being forced.  Thank you.

Holly has been a mentor to me for many years, from when I was a teenager through to my young adulthood. It feels corny to say my life would not be the same without her presence in it – but it’s true! Although I may have ended up taking similar paths to what I have, I certainly would not have done so with as much confidence and openness if it weren’t for Holly. She has taught me the importance of checking in with myself, setting attainable goals, not being afraid to try, recognising when something needs to change and taking care of all aspects of myself, but then also how to actually practice these things to produce a fulfilling life. She continues to be a sounding board for ideas, a rational voice when needed and a never ending source of encouragement, and I feel empowered knowing I have her in my corner.

Holly’s approach is empowering, present, nurturing, trustworthy, rational and intuitive. THANK YOU.

The studio can be set up with a variety of equipment (e.g. acrobatic mats, mini trampoline, microphone, colouring in, props) or left clear. The playlist can be of the individual’s favourite songs, or the space can be quiet.

Holly follows the lead of her student. The possibilities are endless and can include: going on a creative journey together, teaching acrobatic skills, choreographed dance routines, creating and editing dance films together, preparing a performance utilizing our in-house stage (complete with props and costumes if they like!), yoga, meditation, breathwork or just simply holding space.

Holly understands that every day is different. Whatever the needs are on the day, Holly meets the individual with kindness, compassion, and flexibility.

One-on-one sessions are suitable for ages 6 to adult.

You can read more about Holly’s skills, qualifications and experience.

Interested? Get in contact with Holly for more information or to book an introductory session.