Community-focused Recreational Dance

Established in 2006, Dance Northside offers community-focused, age-appropriate recreational dance classes for students aged 18 months to adult.

Our Values

Fun, safe and nurturing environment.

Age-appropriate educational and non-competitive.

Community-focused, supportive and striving for excellence.

Who we are

Dance Northside is an inclusive, community-focused, recreational dance studio. We provide quality, age-appropriate, non-competitive and fun dance classes in a safe and supportive environment.

With a holistic approach to dance education, we have a strong, proud commitment to age-appropriate choreography, costumes and music. We strive to foster a positive body image in all our students, to honour the individual and create an inclusive and supportive environment that nurtures the body, hearts and minds of our dancers and the broader community.

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What people say about Dance Northside

Thank you for a wonderful year of dancing, Annabelle has had lots of fun. The concerts were amazing; I went to all the kids showcases and the showcase on Wednesday night. It was inspiring to see the dancing, everything from contemporary to ballet. Mostly I wanted to say that I am truly amazed and happy to find a dance school that offers technical dance (particularly ballet), yet is inclusive of all people and bodies. Ballet in particular has a reputation for encouraging unrealistic body images, low self-esteem and unrealistic discipline in children. I can’t count how many parents I talk to who say they would never let their child do ballet. If only people could see these kids! It goes to show that dance can be a disciplined skill with proper technique, whilst being fun, inclusive and accepting of all bodies. I don’t dance, so I am not very articulate about it, but I am sure you get the gist of what I’m saying! You should both be proud of the school, it is an amazing place.


We have been a part of the Dance Northside community for over 6 years now. Prior to this we were with other dance schools. What we absolutely love about Dance Northside is they truly embrace kindness, support, patience and inclusivity. My daughter has not only developed her dance skills but she has built her confidence and resilience with the love and support of all the wonderful dance teachers. And for this we are truly grateful – it matters more than anything. The end of year concerts are totally amazing and the school lives it’s all abilities motto – supporting those with exceptional dance skills and those who need extra guidance. We were never part of a dance school like this before. We can’t thank Holly, Bec and all the wonderful teachers enough and we are blessed to be a part of this exceptional dance school.

Velissa & Neve

I have been a student at Dance Northside since it first opened in 2007. Initially it was Holly’s community-focused philosophy that attracted me to the school. I was looking for somewhere fun to take classes, where my potential could be realised and my passion for dance would be further strengthened. Since 2007 the school has grown in both number of students and range of classes offered but the philosophy that “everybody can dance” is still the driving force behind every lesson. The passion, enthusiasm and expertise that Holly possesses is ever present in the quality of work each student produces, and is evident in the happy faces that leave class each week!


It has been one year and I can dance! Well almost. Dance Northside is a fun and enthusiastic place to be no matter your age, build or ability.


My daughter has been attending Dance Northside since it first opened in 2007. She has developed from a shy, enthusiastic beginner into a mature, passionate and accomplished dancer, whose love of dance has only increased under Holly and Rebecca’s teaching. I have also started taking part in the adults class, inspired by the positive energy and enthusiasm of all the staff. No matter what level you’re at there is a class that is a perfect fit for you.


Boys can and do dance! Finding a dance school that not only welcomed but encouraged and extended boys’ dancing has been fantastic. Dance Northside has made dance cool for every young person – girls and boys – and helps my son be proud of being a dancer, despite being in the minority! In the words of an eleven-year-old boy “It’s way cool – and funky!”

A Happy Mother

I have great respect for what Dance Northside stands for and have had much joy from watching our two children grow in confidence through their learning experiences with you. I think the focus on accessibility together with the non-judgemental approach you take to dance tuition provides a very supportive and fun foundation from which the children learn and grow in their physical awareness and enjoyment. Thank you to all the lovely teachers we have known at Dance Northside.


After watching how much fun my child had at dance classes, I often found myself wishing there was something for me, even though I had no dance skills. So when Dance Northside started up an adult contemporary dance class, I thought I’d give it a go. What I enjoy the most is that it is a dance class for us “ordinary” people who may not be able to dance but deep down wish that we could. It is perfect for someone like me who is a little unfit and can’t face a gym, but it is much more than that. This class sums up Dance Northside’s philosophy that “Everyone can dance.” It is an enjoyable, relaxing class with gentle exercise and stretching as well as good routines where we are encouraged to do what we can and gently challenged to take it just that bit further. It has shown me that you don’t have to be young to enjoy dancing!


I’m just about to finish my first year in the Adult Contemporary class and it has been such a great year! I have learnt so much from Holly and met some lovely people in the process. I will definitely be back next year! Dance Northside really does embrace the philosophy that “anyone can dance.”


As a parent it has been wonderful to see my daughter grow in confidence these past 3 years in dance and herself as a whole. When she first started with Dance Northside her self worth and confidence were very low. Within a term of starting class I started to notice her becoming more confident within herself and her teacher at school did too. I love the foundations and values that you have founded this dance school on, and I always recommend this dance school to other parents for those reasons. Thank you.


While both my children greatly enjoyed their lessons and end-of-year performances, it was the growth in their confidence that I appreciated the most from their experience at Dance Northside. I greatly value the consideration you give to the development of children’s confidence, particularly with relation to ‘putting themselves out there’ and going on stage. I believe my kids felt able to give it a go because they were not judged on their physical ability, and so felt safe and valued for who they are, not what they can do. I also appreciate your approach to adult dance. I remember when I asked if you had space in your class for adults you said that you hate to say ‘no’ to us because you appreciate how much guts it can take for most adults (myself included) to consider doing a dance class (aren’t we too old for that?). And I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, again because I did not feel judged and so could relax and have a good time dancing. I’ve talked a lot about ‘judgement’ and that’s because my experience with other dance schools (for my children and myself as a child) is that they are very competitive and judgemental. I believe this is an environment that breeds fear and comparison, which can be very damaging to young minds and bodies. That’s why I appreciate your approach so much. I would not hesitate to recommend Dance Northside to friends of mine – for themselves and their children. Thank you for the good dance times!