Founded on the principles of kindness, respect, and community, all Dance Northside classes are fun, age appropriate, and accessible. Our philosophy is that everyone can dance! We provide quality dance education in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. All classes are delivered by trained dance teachers and in line with our COVID-19 Policy.

Timetable – Term 3, 2024

Dance Northside takes enrolments throughout the year, except during performance seasons.

We roll enrolments over from one term to the next, so once enrolled your spot is secure for the rest of the year! (Don’t worry, you can still opt out at any time.)

Each term at our studio is consistent with the ACT public school terms.

2024 Term Dates

  • Term 1: 29 January – 13 April
  • Term 2: 27 April – 6 July
  • Term 3: 22 July – 28 September
  • Term 4: 14 October – 14 December

Classes do not run on public holidays, except during Term 2 when we are preparing for Showcase.

2024 Concert Dates

  • Showcase (Canberra Theatre Centre): 22 June
  • Community Concert (in house): 8 December

Dance Styles

Little Leapers

A fun and lively creative movement class for toddlers to participate in with their parent/carer. Delivering the expert-designed curriculum by Leap ‘n Learn.

Dance FUNdamentals

Get moving and learn the basics of every style before deciding which one to specialise in.


Dance combined with acrobatics. Learn to tumble and increase your flexibility in a safe and fun environment. Led by an Acrobatic-Arts-certified instructor.


A dynamic style incorporating jazz, funk, and hip hop. Expect an awesome workout and lots of laughs!

Hip Hop

Find your groove! Hip hop is a fast-paced and rhythmic style that’s all about isolated movement.


Build strength through classical ballet technique in a kind and non-competitive environment.


Energetic, dynamic, and technical, with lots of kicks and turns. Jazz is sure to leave you smiling!


Latin-inspired dance fitness. The most fun cardio workout you’ll ever do!


Create a connection between the mind and body through expressive and fluid movements.

Fee structure

40 minutes per week
1 hour per week
1 hour 20 minutes per week
1 hour 40 minutes per week
2 hours per week
2 hours 20 minutes per week
2 hours 40 minutes per week
3 hours per week
3 hours 20 minutes per week
3 hours 40 minutes per week
4 hours per week
4 hours 20 minutes per week
4 hours 40 minutes per week
5+ hours (unlimited) per week
Cost of tuition per term
Note on calculation: class time is added up by family and tuition cost split evenly between students in that family. For example, if you have one child enrolled in Minis Creative Movement (40 mins) and another child who is their sibling enrolled in Kids Hip Hop (1 hour), the total amount of weekly class time for your family is 1 hour 40 mins and the total cost is $325, with each student charged $162.50.
There is a small additional performance/costume fee for students participating in the mid-year Showcase and end of year Community Concert in Terms 2 and 4 respectively.